About Our Mission & Location

The City of Brantford/Brant County, Haldimand, and Norfolk are all in unique positions as they border two of the largest reserves in Canada; Six Nations of the Grand River and Mississauga of the Credit First Nation. There are now large populations of indigenous people that reside in these neighbouring areas.
There is an estimated Urban Indigenous population greater than 12,000 living in these areas, with that population continuing to grow each year. More and more, there is need for support to help our indigenous communities and their culturally harmonized identity.

4 Main Program Delivery Targets

  1. Intergenerational programs that promote the wellness of both seniors and children/youth

  2. Prevention-based programs that promote family harmony and positive relationships.

  3. Programs that promote community-based harmony for individuals to live healthy lives.

  4. Empowering children and youth leadership.

Community In Need

The last Friendship Centre in Brantford closed its doors in 2005, leaving significant gaps in the availability of community services for Urban Indigenous Residents of Brantford during the following decade. Currently, there are some remnants of programming, but they are fragmented and spread out among various service providers in the area.


To provide programs, tools and supports to strive towards a culturally harmonized community.


A community that empowers the Urban Indigenous People


To provide advocacy, social, cultural and educational programming for the Indigenous community.


To meet the identified service delivery needs in the urban Indigenous population in Brantford and the Brantford region.

Community Needs

The last Friendship Center in Brantford closed its doors in 2005, leaving large gaps in the community services available to the urban Indigenous residents of Brantford throughout in the decade that followed. There are some remnants of programming that exist currently but they are fragmented throughout various service providers in the area

Our Partners

Our Partners